how to see who added on you yubo

How to see who added you on yubo For free.

How to see who added you on yubo:

Guys you want to know that who added you on yubo but you have no idea about that.

Today in this article we provide 2 solution to solve your problems 1 is paid and another one is free.

Yubo is a a social platform where you can find new friends through live streaming and authentic interactions. All based on your own interests!.

Find your friends On Yubo.

Let’s start.
First Open the Yubo app
then tap on the search option and search the names of the person and you will see a search results, in the search result you will see a name and their username and right side you will see a ad button.

How do you see who adds you on Yubo?

Today we provide a 2 option in which 1 is free and 1 is paid. You can use any one one of them both are legal. It will not affect your profile on yubo. See a solution

How many swipes does Yubo give you?

Yubo give you 10,000 swipe profile over a day.

How to see who added you on yubo see solution:

Method 1: Paid method

If you want to know who added you on yubo there is a 2 method to see you can use any one of them.

  • Open Yubo app and swipe right.
  • Someone added you in swipe but you don’t see who added, then the paid method is upgrade your power pack. 3 packs are available first is for 1 week;9.99$/week, 1 Month: 13.99$/mo, 3months:7.33$/mo..
  • After that you can Check and as well as Chat with that person.

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Method 2: Free Method

  • The first step is same as method 1 first open the yubo app and then swipe right.
  • Someone added you in swipe but you don’t see who added, then the free method is there is a option for sharing your Yubo link.
how to see who added on you yubo
  • Share your Yubo link on snapchat ,messenger and all other social media to your friends.
  • If your friends open a yubo app through your link then you will have 1 additional unlock where you can see who added you on yubo app
  • From this method you can see a person who added for free you don’t need to buy a pack.

If you are not comfortable with text or you want a video for that topic, so below we also provide a youtube video .In that video clearly explained both the method i hope it will easy your work.

video credit: mrhackio youtube


We see a free and paid method related to yubo and i am sure this method will solve your problems, You can use paid method if you don’t have any social media network otherwise free method is also a good option to unlock the features. If you have any difficulties then feel free to comment.

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